Our Boys

Gold Grand Champion

Cuddleton Sir Theodore

Black Bicolour British Shorthair

Teddy is our very first, home grown cinnamon carrying British Shorthair stud cat.  He is a big smoochy boy who likes to be carried like a baby and will flop down at your feet for a belly rub.

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Gold Grand Champion

Cuddleton Lord Bentley

Blue Bicolour British Shorthair

Bentley is a bit of a special cat.  His father Jackie seemed to have decided that he wanted to retire from being a stud cat.  So when we put him with Katie he gave us a perfect little replica of himself.  Benley was the only kitten in the litter and marked almost perfectly.  Jackie then never sired any more kittens.  He had girlfriends but no babies.  So it seems he decided to breed himself a replacement and what a lovely boy he has given us in Bentley.  Bentley is not super fond of shows but has done well at the ones he has been to.  His kittens have been adorable and we are really happy that he is helping us to breed gorgeous bicolours.

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Gold Grand Champion

Ambritt Here Comes Ralphie

Blue British Shorthair

Ralphie joined us as a kitten all the way from Queensland. He was bred by our good friends Julie and Aaron at Ambritt British Shorthairs and is a the brother of the famous Ambritt Hurricane Harry. Ralphie is the best fun. He loves to smooch and smooch and smooch. We just love him. He is a super polite stud boy and a pleasure to take to shows. The judges love him too as he has already won a supreme in show and lots of very high placings. He is sure to have many more wins to come. He has also given us some wonderful kittens that have his great personality. We are so pleased to have him here with us.

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