Our Girls

Cuddleton Lady Katherine

Blue British Shorthair (carries chocolate)

katie, blue british shorthair

Katie is Rosie's daughter.  She is a gorgeous smoochy girl with her mum's gorgeous eyes. 

Katie has a lovely temperament and a nice dense coat.  She is very stocky and has a lovely thick body.  She is a sweet girl with a cute, playful streak.

Her babies to our Jackie have been just stunning and we are very proud of her.

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Catbalu Trueblu Brit of Cuddleton (IMP UK)

Chocolate British Shorthair

Candy, chocolate British shorthair

Candy loves to sit on the set top box for our TV and is obsessed with tinned cat food.  She is a quiet girl until there is a hint of can opening then she gets all excited.  Her favourite trick is to smooch the other cats so much they cant get to to food area!

We are hoping for some lovely home grown chocolate kittens from Candy and our boys.

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Cuddleton Lady Pennelope

Lilac British Shorthair

Penny, lilac British Shorthair

Penny loves a really good meow. When you pick her up she protests loudly but then follows with a good purr, cheeky girl. She has a fabulous colour and carries the cinnamon gene. She was mum to Australia's first home grown fawn British Shorthair

Penny is Blitty's mum and Rosie's daughter.

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Cuddleton Lady Josephine

Blue British Shorthair

Candy, chocolate BritishClick here for her Show Results

This gorgeous girl is our Blitty. How did she get that name? Well she was a teeny girl and we were waiting to see if she carried the cinnamon gene. We didnt want to get too attached to her in case she would be going to a pet home so we called her blue kitty. That then morphed into Blitty and it stuck. So Blitty she is.

She has the sweetest face and her babies have been really gentle and peaceful cats.

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